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Welcome to Accounts Payable's EFT Upload System.

UCLA is working with two preferred electronic payment networks, Paymode-X (through BNY-Mellon and Bottomline Technologies) and Payment Plus (through US Bank), to enhance our payment processes and provide more efficient and secure methods to pay our suppliers. With an increase in EFT fraud attempts in recent years targeting Higher Education, UCLA is working to protect the University and suppliers from the risk of electronic fraud.

For more information about Paymode-X click here
For more information about Payment Plus click here
COMING SOON: Electronic payments through Zelle for individuals and small businesses!

The completed EFT form, along with the required backup documentation should be uploaded as a single pdf.
*Required backup documentation is one of the following:

  1. Copy of a blank or voided check (Preferable) or
  2. Reference letter from your financial instution or
  3. Sample Invoice with banking information

* Enter the Business Name:
    As it appears on line 1 of W-9
Enter DBA Name:
    If applicable
* Upload Document:
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Upload EFT Form and required documentation as a single pdf form.
EFT Authorization Form can be found here.